Blogging / 30 Nov 2017
6 things every blog post should have

1. A short title that tells readers exactly what to expect

When you choose a title that explicitly tells the read what information they will be getting from your blog post you will increase the likelihood that they will click through to read it. You don’t want people to click through only to discover that you have wasted their time. Think about your own experiences and how you engage with online content.

2. One clear topic that your audience actually cares about

Blogging should be about an creating authentic content over anything else. It’s about delivering small, easy to digest nuggets of information that your audience genuinely finds valuable. The easiest way to do that is by choosing one clear topic per post and then delivering that information in the shortest and most concise way that you can. The secondary benefit of focusing on one topic is that you can authentically work in a keyword. When you talk about one thing it’s very likely that a keyword will naturally occur in a higher percentage. By having a high density keyword you will increase your chance of ranking for that keyword. Imagine how many times the keyword ‘dog walker’ would genuinely occur in a blog post that’s about ‘3 products every dog walker needs’ without it seeming spammy, like the article was written purely for google and not for your audience.

3. One clear purpose

When it comes to blogging there are two main reasons people click through to view it. It either has the promise of entertaining or educating them. Either way the visitors are getting something from your post. As the content creator you can utlise this form of entertainment or education to your advantage by working in information or links that lead your viewers to focus on something you’d like them to know about. As long as your intention is aimed at giving your viewers something they value, they won’t get annoyed by thinking your post as one big ole advertising ploy to try sell them something. Blogging is about connecting with your audience and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. With that authority comes trust. And with that trust you have power to influence opinions.

4. Visual interest

We are becoming increasingly impatient, fast past consumers. We very rarely stop to fully take in anything anymore, so visual interest will play a big part in grabbing and keeping the attention of your viewers. The more visually appealing the better. Video content is the most easily consumed but beautiful images that your audience admires or can relate to will also hold their interest. The most important visual element of a blog, and the one thing you absolutely need, is a good cover or featured image. This is the image that will represent your blog on an social media shares and as the main image on your blogs listings. It will be the first thing that people see to tell them what your post is about so make sure it counts!

5. Headlines and structure

As part of making your blog as easy to digest as possible you want to think about how even the most uninterested person may view your blog post. They focus on visual aids; headlines and bullet points. So consider structuring your blog in a way that is easily digested. Keep everything but in particular intros and outros, as short as possible. Use headlines to break up your posts content. And take the time to make sure the words you’re using actually adds value.

6. A call to action

Calls to action can be subtly scattered throughout your post by simply telling the viewer about something and then linking away to where they can find out more information. Or more commonly they can be your closer. Your blogs big finale that either prompts your viewer to click away to somewhere you’d like to direct them to or they can be a prompt to encourage them to engage with the post (like, share, comment). Make sure your call to actions compliment your content. Blogs are about giving, not selling.

So what did you think?! Comment below the parts you found most helpful. Or maybe share any other tips others may find valuable?

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