My goal as a website designer goes beyond what your website looks like and focuses on the purpose and experience of your site. From creation to maintenance, I'm the lady you can call on any time of day, to make sure your sites doing what it needs to do.

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Using social media to build brand awareness and attract loyal customers, is my passion. Set up, management, ads, content, hype building... the lot! Social media's not right for every business but for the majority, it's become a necessity.

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From your logo design to your printed collateral, how the information is presented matters. My goal is to ensure your audience understands and feels connected to your brands point of difference, so they become loyal ongoing customers.

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Freelance Designer

Everything I do, helps businesses gain exposure

That’s why I officially dubbed myself  a ‘Professional Attention Seeker’

Professionally I help business owners create brands and marketing collateral that grabs the attention of their customers. Personally, I’m a blogger with a growing audience of around 6000. When I took a step back, I realised that everything I do is about directing attention towards a particular product, service or idea. So I thought the cheeky self-title was fitting.

I use new school techniques to help you build an authentic reputation and grow a loyal customer base.